Creating Value from Nothing – in 90 days.

The GoldenRatio Token (GRT) project is an experiment. We want to prove the importance of a quality community for a crypto related project. We’ll show you how a token can gain value within 90 days – within the 6th of July, 2020.

Our goal is to create value for the project, we’ll distribute this value in a fair way, among active community members that contribute to the success of this project.

We aim to achieve our goal by creating several mechanisms and establishing various use-cases for the GoldenRatio Token (GRT).

“The Evaluation” is here.

Voluntarism & Commitment


of distributed GRT is timelocked in SovCube by volunteers.

All available tokens will be distributed among community members who already help establishing communities for other projects.

 Meaning, if you’re already being an active promoter of a project, you are eligible to receive (free) GRT Tokens.



has already been given away



is still available to be given away


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