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GoldenRatio Token Project is a social experiment to measure the feasibility of creating a viable project without funding in 90 days. The journey started April 7st, 2020.

The Project

In the past two years, (blockchain) start-ups popped up like mushrooms everywhere. Many of these projects no longer exist. While they did raise a substantial amount of money, they failed. We want to open the eyes of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, by establishing a viable project within 90 days, without receiving any funding at all.

The GRT Project was created to reward those who are already contributing to other projects, as a thank you, and to show the importance of a community in the cryptocurrency space.

The Token

The GoldenRatio Token will be distributed for free, among those who already contribute to other projects. Meaning, if you’re an active promoter of a project, you are eligible to receive GRT.

In order to establish a token with value, there will be worked at various use-cases and partnerships to build a real ecosystem around the GoldenRatio Token. It’s aimed to have the GRT supported by various decentralized applications, various exchanges, and various other possible platforms as we build new partnerships.

For the tokenomics see: https://goldenratiotoken.site/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Whitepaper-April-2020.pdf

Achieving Greatness

You might be wondering how these goals will be achieved. The answer lays in the origin of this project, the community. As mentioned, GRT will be distributed among those that are already actively promoting other projects. Additional rewards can be earned by helping us promote the GoldenRatio Token project.

We strongly believe that a community can make or break a project, and we’re ready to proof this to you. Our community already counts various members that are well-known within the space, we’re expecting this number to grow as we move forward. Introductions will be made that lead to (new) partnerships. Plenty of preparations have been done, and there’s plenty of questions to be asked. We’ll find the answers during our journey.

What’s Next

We’re currently on day 10 of the journey, meaning there’s 80 days left.

The first exchange has been confirmed, and GRT/BTC will be listed on Resfinex April 18, 2020. A second listing is in the make, while there’s being worked on getting GRT listed on Coingecko, Coinpaprika and Blockfolio. This is unlikely to happen until GRT has actually been listed.

The current focus is on updating the whitepaper, launching the beta version of a marketing cleaning tool, and work on a lock-up token schedule. More information on the marketing cleaning tool, and lock-up period for GRT will follow.

For the full timeline see: https://goldenratiotoken.site/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Whitepaper-April-2020.pdf

Join us on our Journey!

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